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size_t CHMFile::RetrieveObject ( const chmUnitInfo *  ui,
unsigned char *  buffer,
LONGUINT64  fileOffset,
LONGINT64  bufferSize 

Retrieves an uncompressed chunk of a file in the .chm.

ui Pointer to a CHMLIB specific data structure obtained from a succesful call to ResolveObject().
buffer The buffer to place the chunk into.
fileOffset Where does the chunk we want begin in the file?
bufferSize The size of the buffer.
0 on error, length of chunk retrieved otherwise.

Definition at line 653 of file xchmfile.cpp.

References m_chmFile.

Referenced by GetFileContentAsString(), GetLeafNodeOffset(), GetSearchResults(), getTopicByUrl(), InfoFromSystem(), InfoFromWindows(), ProcessWLC(), and SearchWord().

      return ::chm_retrieve_object(m_chmFile, const_cast<chmUnitInfo*>(ui), buffer, fileOffset,

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