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KCHMViewWindow Class Reference

#include <kchmviewwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

Georgy Yunaev

Definition at line 31 of file kchmviewwindow.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addZoomFactor (int value)=0
 Relatively changes ZoomFactor. Most common values are -1 and 1.
virtual void clipCopy ()=0
 Copies the selected content to the clipboard.
virtual void clipSelectAll ()=0
 Select the content of the whole page.
virtual void emitSignalHistoryAvailabilityChanged (bool enable_backward, bool enable_forward)=0
 Should emit this signal (because KCHMViewWindow is not QObject derived).
QString getBaseUrl () const
QString getOpenedPage () const
virtual QObject * getQObject ()=0
virtual int getScrollbarPosition ()=0
virtual int getZoomFactor () const =0
 Return current ZoomFactor.
virtual void invalidate ()
 Invalidate current view, doing all the cleanups etc.
 KCHMViewWindow (QWidget *parent)
QString makeURLabsolute (const QString &url, bool set_as_base=true)
void navigateBack ()
void navigateForward ()
bool openUrl (const QString &url, bool addHistory=true)
 Open a page from current chm archive.
virtual bool printCurrentPage ()=0
 Popups the print dialog, and prints the current page on the printer.
virtual void searchWord (const QString &word, bool forward=true, bool casesensitive=false)=0
 Continues the find-in-page search forward or backward.
void setHistoryMaxSize (unsigned int size)
virtual void setScrollbarPosition (int pos)=0
 Sets the scrollbar position.
virtual void setZoomFactor (int zoom)=0
 Sets ZoomFactor. The value returned by getZoomFactor(), given to this function, should give the same result.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isJavascriptURL (const QString &url)
 true if url is javascript:// URL
static bool isNewChmURL (const QString &url, QString &chmfile, QString &page)
 true if url is a different CHM url, return new chm file and the page.
static bool isRemoteURL (const QString &url, QString &protocol)
 true if url is remote (http/ftp/mailto/news etc.)
static QString makeURLabsoluteIfNeeded (const QString &url)
 Making URL absolute.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void checkHistoryAvailability ()
virtual bool openPage (const QString &url)=0
 Sets the scrollbar position.
virtual void signalHistoryAvailabilityChanged (bool enable_backward, bool enable_forward)=0
virtual void signalLinkClicked (const QString &newlink, bool &follow_link)=0

Protected Attributes

QString m_base_url
QValueList< QString > m_history
unsigned int m_historyCurrentSize
QValueList< QString >::iterator m_historyIterator
unsigned int m_historyMaxSize
unsigned int m_historyTopOffset
QString m_openedPage

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