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KCHMViewWindow_QTextBrowser Class Reference

#include <kchmviewwindow_qtextbrowser.h>

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Detailed Description

Georgy Yunaev

Definition at line 33 of file kchmviewwindow_qtextbrowser.h.


void signalHistoryAvailabilityChanged (bool enable_backward, bool enable_forward)
void signalLinkClicked (const QString &newlink, bool &follow_link)

Public Member Functions

virtual void addZoomFactor (int value)
 Relatively changes ZoomFactor. Most common values are -1 and 1.
virtual void clipCopy ()
 Copies the selected content to the clipboard.
virtual void clipSelectAll ()
 Select the content of the whole page.
virtual void emitSignalHistoryAvailabilityChanged (bool enable_backward, bool enable_forward)
 Should emit this signal (because KCHMViewWindow is not QObject derived).
QString getBaseUrl () const
QString getOpenedPage () const
virtual QObject * getQObject ()
virtual int getScrollbarPosition ()
virtual int getZoomFactor () const
 Return current ZoomFactor.
virtual void invalidate ()
 Invalidate current view, doing all the cleanups etc.
 KCHMViewWindow_QTextBrowser (QWidget *parent)
QString makeURLabsolute (const QString &url, bool set_as_base=true)
void navigateBack ()
void navigateForward ()
virtual bool openPage (const QString &url)
 Open a page from current chm archive.
bool openUrl (const QString &url, bool addHistory=true)
 Open a page from current chm archive.
virtual bool printCurrentPage ()
 Popups the print dialog, and prints the current page on the printer.
virtual void searchWord (const QString &word, bool forward=true, bool casesensitive=false)
 Initiates the find-in-page search, if succeed, cursor moved to the first entry.
void setHistoryMaxSize (unsigned int size)
virtual void setScrollbarPosition (int pos)
 Sets the scrollbar position.
virtual void setZoomFactor (int zoom)
 Sets ZoomFactor. The value returned by getZoomFactor(), given to this function, should give the same result.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isJavascriptURL (const QString &url)
 true if url is javascript:// URL
static bool isNewChmURL (const QString &url, QString &chmfile, QString &page)
 true if url is a different CHM url, return new chm file and the page.
static bool isRemoteURL (const QString &url, QString &protocol)
 true if url is remote (http/ftp/mailto/news etc.)
static QString makeURLabsoluteIfNeeded (const QString &url)
 Making URL absolute.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void checkHistoryAvailability ()

Protected Attributes

QString m_base_url
QValueList< QString > m_history
unsigned int m_historyCurrentSize
QValueList< QString >::iterator m_historyIterator
unsigned int m_historyMaxSize
unsigned int m_historyTopOffset
QString m_openedPage

Private Slots

virtual void slotLinkClicked (const QString &newlink)

Private Member Functions

void setSource (const QString &name)

Static Private Member Functions

static QString decodeUrl (const QString &url)

Private Attributes

bool m_allowSourceChange
int m_searchLastIndex
int m_searchLastParagraph
QString m_searchText
int m_zoomfactor

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